Rapid Transformation

By targeting the root cause of your problem in hypnosis, I’ll help you overcome issues that you thought could never be fixed. 
Be HEALED now.

Have you ever said ANYTHING along
the lines of…

“I’ve tried everything, but nothing seems to work”
“I just want to know what’s behind my illness”
“I have no idea how to solve this”
“I’m tired of repeating the same patterns”
“I’ve always wondered where this came from”
“I’m ready to let go of what happened to me”
“How are my past lives affecting me?”

When you are dealing with the same destructive patterns OVER and OVER again, it’s futile. That frustration when you’ve tried everything else, but still can’t resolve the struggle. At that exact moment, all we want to do is give up, but I have the solution.

Working with the subconscious mind in hypnosis, Rapid Transformational Therapy uncovers the true core of the issue, reprograms limiting beliefs providing instant relief and long-lasting transformation.

My therapeutic toolkit includes coaching, life strategy, psychotherapy, and clinical hypnosis. But my most powerful tool for ensuring life-changing results is Rapid Transformational Therapy (or RTT).

It’s almost like waving a magic wand, suddenly turning all your personal barriers into dust.

What you’ll get is…

  1. Understanding the root cause of illness / behaviour / habits / addictions
  2. Remarkable healing from past hurts
  3. Freedom from old patterns
  4. Improved Relationships (with self and others)
  5. Upgraded self-confidence
  1. A sense of genuine peace in relation to your issue
  2. Relief from painful physical symptoms
  3. Closure and the chance to move on
  4. Rapid progress on an issue that’s been “stuck”
  5. New opportunities in your business and personal life

How it works


A hypnosis session to uncover the real reasons you are blocked on your issue, and understand the ways this is playing out in your life.


Replace limiting beliefs in the subconscious, with powerfulo positive suggestions to get you exactly what you want.


To lock-in the shifts that take place during the session, a custom-made Transformational Recording is created for you to listen to at home to ensure the shifts are absolute and long-lasting.


Through coaching and life strategy, I offer a full month of support after the initial session to guide you through the shifts that are taking place in your life.

“Change your thoughts, and you’ll change your life”
“I had amazing breakthroughs. I was blown away by some of the things I learned. I feel a lot lighter energetically and emotionally.”
“Her methods really suited me, finally a coach that gets results!”
“It is an amazing feeling when something just ‘clicks’ into place after so much confusion and trying to think your way into understanding and acceptance.”
“[My] intention was to find out if there was anything blocking my healing from thyroid cancer. I was astonished by the depth and intensity of the emotional release that I got during our first session.”
“Nothing I have tried has had such an immediate, clear effect as this has.”
Charlette Pomme, International Remedial Pilates Instructor, UK
‘The result was amazing! I'm so glad you helped me break that long-lasting pattern. I feel so much lighter now.”


So, what does hypnosis feel like?

It’s just a state of focused attention – kind of like when you are totally engrossed in a movie or zoned out scrolling through Facebook. You feel fully awake, but you’re 100% absorbed with what you’re doing. It’s just like that.

First, I create a sense of deep relaxation (feels just like a guided meditation), then, I make suggestions to you that are related specifically to the changes YOU wish to make.

Some people worry that they might lose control - a myth that has been born from the entertainment of stage hypnotists. The fact is, nobody can be made to do something that they wouldn’t normally do. Those entertainers screen members of the audience and purposely choose extroverts who love showing off and getting a laugh in front of a crowd.

When you are in a hypnotic state you feel in total control, aware, clear and fully focussed on the therapy session.

How does hypnosis work to create change?

In that state of deep and focused attention (hypnosis), we bypass the critical function of the mind, and talk directly to the subconscious. The subconscious is the part of us that is responsible for our fears, beliefs and behaviour patterns.

This is how we uncover the root cause of our issues.

From there we dismantle beliefs that no longer serve us. Then, I make “suggestions” of powerful new beliefs, that are in line with what you want to achieve - beliefs that set you up for success. Power thoughts such as I am enough, I can do it. Without the critical mind involved in the process, there’s no little voice talking back from within protesting the power suggestions saying “but that’s IMPOSSIBLE!”. So, that’s how the suggestions work; they are able to sink directly into the fertile ground of your subconscious mind.

How quickly will I see the results?

There are 3 levels of change that occurs with Rapid Transformational Therapy:

  1. Immediate changes that you will notice immediately after the session

  2. Incremental shits that happen day-to-day

  3. Retroactive changes are noticeable when you look back after some time has passed and it’s clear what’s different   

What if I go back to difficult or painful memories?

Sometimes your subconscious mind may direct us to go back briefly to scenes when trauma was incurred. If this arises for you, I’ll help you to experience the memory from a safe and comfortable distance. I’m here to support and guide you at all times.   

Is my personality compatible with hypnosis?

Almost anyone can be hypnotized, it’s just a matter of ‘to what degree’. People who have better attention spans and make decisions easily have higher levels of susceptibility to hypnosis. On the other hand, people who are precise in their habits, and make judgments quickly are less likely to succumb.
Find out now in less than 2 minutes by taking our Can I Be Hypnotized quiz (link to quiz)