Secrets To Next-Level Living: How To Listen To Your Soul
Top Tips
  1. Decode the difference between heart and head
  2. Have the audacity to live a soul-aligned life
  3. Know when to listen and when to ignore your instincts
  4. Go within and quiet the mental chatter
  5. Invest in your soul

Have you ever had a HEAD ☺ vs HEART ?battle? Trying to make the right decision, but not sure which direction to choose?

Well, if so, you’re not alone. There’s so much pressure from outside ourselves to live our lives in a very specific way.

Our social conditioning tells us to tick the following boxes and then you’ll be happy:

  1. Do well at school (even if you don’t fit in)
  2. Get a degree (must be directly related to a specific job)
  3. Climb the corporate ladder (even if you hate it)
  4. Marry (must be to someone of the opposite sex)
  5. Buy a house (even if you have to borrow the money)
  6. Push out 2.5 kids (cause everyone should have kids)

And not only do you have to do all that sh!t, you’re meant to do each thing by a certain age.

We blindly follow that checklist without even stopping to listen to what our soul desires. Then we wake up a few decades later and wonder why the heck we’re unhappy.

When we get caught up chasing someone else’s dreams, this is us leading from the HEAD. It’s us thinking we *SHOULD* do something. 

But, so you wanna know something…f*ck “SHOULD”!!! If you want to be happy and fulfilled then get the word ‘should’ out of your decision-making process.

The key to living a fulfilled life is listening to what your soul is telling you.

If you don’t, you’ll end up unhappy and uninspired without a clue as to what’s wrong.

Key No. 1.

Head or Heart?

Differentiate between the voices of your HEAD and your HEART.

An easy way to tell something is from the HEAD is when we use the words *think* and *should* in our rationale, and if it *makes sense*.

Decisions made with your head make you feel contracted, whereas SOUL decisions feel expansive, heart-connected and aligned.

The voice of your heart and soul has a much stronger energetic charge. It feels more like a gut instinct, or an energetic pull. Sometimes you can feel that pull, even when it doesn’t make sense on a conscious level - if that happens, then you know this is the call of your soul.

how to listen to your soulKey No. 2. 
When to listen and when to ignore your instincts

Once you’ve heard the voice of your soul, the next step is to have to courage to act upon it. I know it sounds totally obvious, but this is where a lot of people get stuck.

So, let’s say you’ve had a soul-aligned moment where you’ve heard what your heart is telling you and you’ve made a resolution. You’ve decided that you’re done with that relationship, or you’re going to start the business you’ve been talking about for years, or you’re going to get fit and healthy; THESE ARE THE INSTINCTS TO LISTEN TO!

Fast forward to the moment of truth when it’s time to execute: The person you’re done with invites you out, you’re offered a distraction from starting the new business, the alarm you set to get up early and workout goes off - FEAR kicks in and we are tempted to abandon our plan; THESE ARE THE INSTINCTS TO IGNORE!

You have a choice: do I stand by my soul-aligned decision in my original moment of truth, or do I listen to the bullsh!t of my head that’s telling me to abandon my plan?

Another question to ask yourself: What do I want more? 

Here’s an example of when I was tempted to flake-out on myself…at the moment I’m working on a big project that I’m super excited about. I’d set aside time to work it, but when the moment to take action came, I wanted to procrastinate. 

What I REALLY felt like doing was watching Netflix in my pyjamas, drinking red wine and eating potato chips. 

It would have been soooo easy for me to yield to the call of the sofa, but I asked myself the question “what do I want more?”. 

And what I want more is to be a total badass, making an impact on the lives of millions of people.

Here’s the takeaway: honour your authentic heart-based decisions. Just frickin’ do it.

Key No. 3.
Take time to go within so you can hear the whispers of your soul.

You’re connected to infinite wisdom, but sometimes it’s hard to hear that wisdom over the endless mental chatter. Buddhists call this the monkey mind - jumping from thought to thought; in what scientists have estimated as up to 60,000 thoughts per day.

If you want soul-aligned clarity, then set up the conditions to make that happen.

I’m a huge advocate of setting yourself up for success! Lay the foundation for what you want to be more easily achievable. So, if you want to hear your soul over the racket of our conscious minds then do something daily practices to let it be heard.

  1. Journalling
  2. Meditation
  3. Yoga
  4. Hypnosis 
  5. Shamanic Journeys
  6. Plant Medicines
  7. Prayer
  8. Art

It doesn’t matter what - just turn your attention INWARD every damn day.

How To Listen To Your Soul

So many of us make excuses and say “I don’t have time”, forgetting that we actually HAVE A CHOICE. 

For example, it’s non-negotiable for me to leave the house without having a shower and brushing my teeth - no matter how late I was running, or how early I had to leave the house, I ALWAYS make this my minimum standard - And unless you’re looking after a newborn baby, most people are the same, right?!?!

And likewise, I also make it my minimum standard to have time every day on my yoga mat with my journal taking time to do some inner work. 

No matter how little time you think you have, remember you always have a choice, so quit pretending that you don’t. 

Listen to your heart. Invest in your soul. Spend time on YOU - your higher self. What do you really want? Dream big. Then create fearlessly!

What soul-aligned truths have you been ignoring or acting on? What challenges do you have in leading a heart-centred life? I’d love to hear from you. Comment below and your story might help to inspire others to take that next step.



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